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Website Design + Development You likely already know that UI/UX design, or user interface/user experience design, is an important part of building a successful mobile app. After all, users interact with your application through your interface, and a well-designed experience is the difference between a frustrated customer and a fan who returns to your app again and again. UX patterns solve common customer problems, remove stumbling blocks, and achieve goals for both your users and you. But what are some patterns of mobile UX design that you should know about? Here are some common UX patterns you should be familiar with. Account registration - This may sound simple, but account registration has the most room for UX design pitfalls. After all, encouraging users to register for an account requires walking a fine line between too many steps/too much information and not enough. Your sign-up form should convince users to join without being too wordy. It should also be simple and frustration-free for users to input their information into the fields you provide. Tiny fields that are too close together will be difficult to work with, and too many fields may cause users to lose patience. Lazy Registration - This UX pattern allows users to enjoy your app before registering. For example, if you have an ecommerce app, users can shop before registering. This prevents early user frustration and encourages customers to get started using your app right away. They can register when they’re ready, to access more features, or to check out. Steps Left - If users need to input info in multiple steps, such as when registering for your app, buying a ticket, or filling out healthcare information, showing users the steps they have remaining helps minimize frustration as you guide them through multiple pages of a form. Customers aren’t in the dark as to how many steps they have left, so they’ll be less likely to lose patience with the process. Breadcrumbs - Breadcrumbs are secondary navigation that allows users to see how far they have “traveled” from the home page of the app or mobile site. This can be particularly helpful for an online shopping app. For example, in the hierarchy “shoes > sandals > brown,” users are able to click the breadcrumbs to retrace their path; like Hansel and Gretel, they can always find their way back to a previous step! Hover controls - Want to avoid overwhelming users with information? By “hiding” info and allowing them to hover to see a particular section, you can keep your customers from losing focus. It’s also easier on the eyes and provides a better mobile user experience for customers with small screens. Of course, there are many other mobile UI/UX patterns and features that can be incorporated into your app. A great way to understand UI/UX is to pay attention to what you like or dislike about current apps on the market. What apps do you return to again and again, and what makes them so easy and enjoyable to use? TechArk Solutions specializes in custom mobile apps with the latest in UI/UX design. Have an idea or question? Contact us today!
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