Meet Emma- Our Freshest Intern

Meet Emma- Our Freshest Intern
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We wanted to give our future interns an idea of what working at TechArk is like so we decided to ask our current intern, Emma, some questions that would give our future interns some insight into TechArk! Here are some of the questions we asked:

1) What was your favorite experience or memory from your internship at TechArk?
Emma: I would probably answer that question with an experience; I think seeing how the TechArk Team strives to both perform their jobs well. Being able to see how everyone in their department is trying to be “better than the last time” is very inspiring and it's a very cool thing to be able to see that in action. Also being able to view first hand how they don’t settle for “satisfactory work” has motivated me to be better at the things I want to accomplish professionally in the future.

2) What experience did you not get to do that you think we should add to the process?
Emma: I do wish I could have been able to interact more with the Global team but I understand with my internship being shorter than most it wasn’t necessarily needed.

3) Did you feel you had the tools, resources and working conditions to be successful in your role? If not, which areas could be improved upon and how?
Emma: Yes - I believe the working environment and the tools I was handed by my colleagues were all beneficial to help me succeed in my internship. Being able to rely on the team members here helped me be able to pick up things quickly and be able to do my tasks successfully.

4) What was the most rewarding part of working here at TechArk?
Emma: Being able to be a representative for TechArk and create and implement my ideas and thoughts onto the global online community through social media and blog posts was empowering. Helping define a different online “voice” for TechArk and also the trust given to me to bring my ideas to fruition was extremely rewarding.

5) Do you have any concerns about the company you’d like to share for improvements or items we should be doing better at?
Emma: Working with and seeing how the CEO Pratik Kothari brainstorms his ideas was enlightening as I was able to see how he perceives me succeeding in my role. The only thing I would recommend after working with him would be clearer direction and organization of when certain milestones should be met (i.e. deadlines for a task).

6) What are your goals after graduating college?
Emma: I realized more how I think Public Relations is the right career for me and narrowed my focus on what I want to do with my life professionally. Working at TechArk has deepened my love for building my relationships with people, reaching out to a larger audience and finding creating ways to reach audiences.

7) Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Emma: I would like to just say best of luck to all of the team at TechArk and can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for the future!

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