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Winning over your customers in an age of interruption

Technology can certainly be distracting. Which isn’t exactly an ideal situation when it comes to reaching out to potential new customers or trying to bring previous customers back. The key is to fight technology with technology. Here are a few ideas we know will help:

Customer service is still king. If a customer has a question or an issue they pose to you, they need to get a prompt response and the same brand experience they’d get if they were reaching out to you by phone, in person (if applicable), by email, through your website or via social media. The companies that are able to do this effectively not only have an opportunity to right a perceived wrong, they turn that customer into a brand ambassador who will gladly spread the word about how great your company is. Do it wrong and you’ll still get the publicity, but not the kind you want.

Understand your customers’ personas. Demographics and psychographics are great for predicting and modeling, but if you truly wish to relate to your customers on a personal level, you need to know more than who they are, but how they act and what motivates them. Follow trends and act accordingly.

Meet them where they are. Apps make it easy for customers to reach you without having to remember your website URL or go through five steps to accomplish one thing. Responsive web design makes it easier for them to view your content more easily on mobile devices. If you’re not catering to your customers’ needs, why should they show you any loyalty?

Let TechArk work with you as your strategic partner in developing the plans and the technology your company needs to succeed. We’re ready to help you “Reinvent Your Business,” so you can win the war on the virtual battlefield of interruption.

Photo Credit: Kristina Litvjak, Unsplash

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