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Literary Lessons at the Library | Slover Edition

Coffee in hand, notepad in the other, ready for the American Marketing Association of Hampton Roads creative writing experience they scheduled with Slover Library. After an extensive construction update, the new library is an architectural masterpiece, a symphony of resources that performs for the curious mind. The women composing this networking overture greeted patrons on the sixth floor, and put the pieces into motion. Marketing professionals from all over Hampton Roads gathered in a window filled, light flooded expanse, exchanging business cards and reveling in this unusually warm winter weather.

Slover Library

Our speaker joined us from The Muse Writing Center, awarding us with amazing insight into creative expression, and guiding the group through exercises that aid in literary content creation. When the event drew to its conclusion the air of refreshed perspective was palpable, and attendees left with an updated method of creative expression. Coffee cup empty, notepad full, we dispersed refreshed and ready to write.

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