Lightspeed Mode: Taking Stock When Your Business is in Hypergrowth Mode

Apr 26, 2016

Growth is the measure of any successful business. If you can effectively turn a profit without killing yourself in the process, you must be doing something right. Which means that if your company is experiencing growth at the speed of light, you must be doing something great.

However, speedy growth can end up being a burden if you don’t have the resources to keep up with it. Processes can become ineffective, personnel can become over burdened, and pretty soon every one is miserable.

Your employees may lose motivation because they don’t have what they need to effectively do their jobs (so it becomes a drudgery rather than an enjoyable work environment). You customers may lose faith in your ability to serve them if orders get missed, mistakes get made, or your product/service lose their quality or value. Which all adds up to you eventually being unhappy as you watch your success story turn sour.

This may sound like the worst advice ever when experiencing light speed growth, but trust me on this because I’ve been through it myself. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and evaluate every aspect of your business to make sure that everything is up to date, running smoothly and can continue to grow. Be honest about any weaknesses you discover and turn them into opportunities.

TechArk Solutions can help. We offer a full arsenal of tools to subjectively study your business processes and help you implement technology that will increase efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

It may seem odd to “Reinvent Your Business” while you’re in the middle of extreme growth, but it’s actually the best time to evaluate what’s happening. We’ll help you make your current processes more effective and more sustainable for continued growth.

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