How to keep responsive design engaging

Aug 06, 2014

Responsive web design is popular and it is absolutely no secret. Its not just creating a mobile-ready site, but about making your site visible to every browser size, whether via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

With more and more people using their smartphones and tablets for browsing the internet, it is more crucial than ever that a web designer utilizes all of their creativity when tailoring a responsive site.

Here are a few creative tips that you should keep in mind, to help you create engaging responsive design.

1)Use Great Typography:
Good Typography is the basic of any good web design but it’s almost necessary in responsive web design. As the screen size decreases most of the elements should transform and shrink or move as well. First and foremost your typography should have this capability.

2)Using great images:
Use of great images is extremely important in any website design. Similarly like typography, in responsive designs when you view a site on smaller screens, your images should also appear smaller or scaled down. It’s important to pay attention to the images you choose and how you’re using them because they will change undoubtedly.
When you are working with images in responsive designs you need to make sure that your large images have no graphical content on them that will suffer cropping out when the browser size changes. To add this when you are creating graphical images you need to ensure that you’re creating ones that will load fast and will appear visibly on a smaller screen.

When designing the navigation for a responsive site if a user can’t work out how to get around you site, then they won’t visit your site next time. Therefore it is necessary to keep navigation on your website.

4)Make your site fun to use:
When you click on a link online, you probably have to sit there and wait for things to load before you see a page. On phone it is extra annoying to have precisely find the next button in order to move towards more content. Things like this aren’t fun nor intuitive to use.

Thus create a site that is more engaging and user friendly so that customer can enjoy surfing you site and thus increases your sales.

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