Is Your Website Leading the Pack or Falling Behind?


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Creating Web Applications using ASP.NET or PHP

Several programming languages have been used for web applications, but the most popular and extensively used languages are PHP and ASP.Net. It is quite difficult to judge both the programming languages. Below is the comparison of PHP and ASP.NET on the basis of performance, cost, scalability, support. Performance: is usually written in C#. C#... Read more »

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Day 10: Social Media Marketing Tips

Create a social media marketing plan! You can’t pursue a goal without strategy or objectives. Research your current demographics and followers Make note of who your audience is, and what they like. Take note of posts that have done well in the past and study them from your followers perspective, if you were them, what... Read more »

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Industry News | Pinterest Acquires Jelly

Here at TechArk we believe constant innovation is crucial to the success of any business, so we wanted to take a minute to share some feedback on a recent acquisition by Pinterest. Last week Pinterest announced its acquisition of the human-powered search engine app Jelly in their continued effort to revitalize their platform. What is... Read more »

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