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iOS vs Android – Who wins the race?

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The year 2013 ended, but the battle between iOS and Android for application development continues! We all know that Google’s Android operating system is in tough competition with Apple’s iOS. Though there are countless number of people using Android based smart phones, the fact remains that there are greater number of apps on Apple’s store as compared to that on Android market place.

The major reason for Android becoming popular day by day is the price. Not everyone can afford Apple’s devices. According to some experts, iOS is preferred by many people because of its simplicity. The mobile app developers also think that developing iphone apps is simpler and thrilling as compared to Android app development. However, the developers are happy working with both the platforms. Because of the open nature of OS in Android app development, the developers fear that their special functionalities would be discovered by other developers. Other Android developers can tweak Android apps easily. While working with iOS, it becomes difficult for the developers to discover special functionalities and source code.

The battle between iOS and Android apps does not have any effect on the consumers. Both the platforms have many similarities too. You can choose the right platform according to your requirements and choice.
In the year 2013, we have seen the tremendous growth of both the platforms in terms of popularity and revenue. But still, who wins the race is still unconcluded because both the operating systems have some qualities better than one another.

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