How to Use Google Analytic’s Behavior Report to Increase Leads

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Increase Leads With Google Analytics Behavior Report
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Google Analytics is a great tool to use to improve the performance of your website. However, since there is so much data available within Google Analytics, it can be difficult how to know how to actually use the tool to your advantage. 


In a recent blog, we shared tips on how to use the Audience Report within Google Analytics to improve your website performance. In this post, we’ll be sharing a case study demonstrating how to use the Behavior Report within Google Analytics to generate more leads.


The Google Analytics Behavior Report will provide you with insights into how users are behaving on your website. By analyzing this data you can see which pages perform the best, which need improvement, and identify what types of information users are looking for on your site. Once you’ve gathered this data you can then make changes to your site to improve performance. 


To get the most out of the Behavior Report ask these 3 simple questions when you are logged into your Google Analytics account.


  • What are my website's best-performing pages?
  • Do these pages align with my overall business goals?
  • What can I do to better promote my most desired pages?


What are my website's best-performing pages?


As a case study example, we are going to show you the steps we took to help a wealth management client of ours. After our team reviewed their best-performing pages we discovered the following:


  • Their website's 2nd most visited page was a 5-year-old blog about a service the business no longer wanted to promote. 
  • Their website's bounce rate on Homepage was 72%
  • The average time a user spent on the website was 0:42 seconds


By asking “what are your best-performing pages?” we were able to reach the conclusion that their best-performing pages were not pages that the business wanted to drive traffic to. Additionally, their Homepage seemed to be driving users away from the site.


Do these pages align with my overall business goals?


In this case study, our client's goal was to grow Retirement Planning and Living Will & Trust accounts. Unfortunately, these pages were receiving very little traffic.

Given what we learned in the Behavior Report, it was clear why they were not receiving inquiries for these services - users weren't visiting those pages!


What can I do to better promote my most desired paged?


Now that you know what pages users are visiting and if those pages align with your overall goals, you can make changes to your site!


In the case study above we made the following changes to help improve our client's website performance.

  • Added a contact form to the blog page and added links to other services within the blog itself.
  • Redesigned the website header and replaced “Services” with “Wealth Management” and “Living Wills & Trusts”.
  • Added a video to the Homepage to encourage users to spend more time on the site.


The Result?

  • The bounce rate decreased to 52%
  • Avg. Time on site increased to 1:42
  • 60% increase in traffic to “Wealth Management” and “Living Wills & Trusts Pages”
  • 3X increase in conversions on these pages over a 60 day period..


As you can see, these 3 seemingly simple questions can reveal meaningful changes that can be made to your website to improve user experience and overall conversions.


What to do next?

If you're struggling to improve your website's performance, contact us to learn how our experts can help your business achieve success online.

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