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The Ticket to a Successful Event – Incorporating Online Ticket Purchases on your Website

Many of the businesses that we work with regularly organize online or in-person events. These customers frequently have various similar needs:

Below, we will expand on some of these common scenarios and share our innovative approaches to how we solved these pain points for our customers.

Free or Paid – Basic Events

Many of the businesses organize a monthly or quarterly meetup at their office. The majority of these events are free to attend. The critical need for these types of events is to provide a simple and easy-to-use registration system without payment processing functionality or other complex requirements. In most of these cases, we simply recommend linking to an external service such as or We typically set-up a mobile-friendly calendar view on the customer’s website and train our customers to quickly create an event on one of these external websites and link this event from their website.



Online Ticket Purchases for Events

Customers typically come to TechArk with specific requests to sell tickets online for their events. These tickets may be sold individually or in bundles with possible discounts related to the volume of tickets purchased. Customers’ events may also have designated seating with the pricing of the tickets varying based on seat location or on the day and time of the event.

These types of needs typically require advanced customization or custom coding. Occasionally, you may find plugins within your website’s content management system platform, These plugins might still need customization for functionality to better achieve your desired goals.

A recent TechArk project was a website redesign for the Chesapeake Wine Festival, an annual event in October with over 10,000 people attending each year. The founders of this event approached TechArk wanting to improve the user experience for their website visitors. TechArk updated the website to be completely mobile-friendly with a modern design that highlighted the call-to-action to encourage online ticket purchases. We utilized an existing plugin that we could customize further to meet the specific needs of the customer.

The Chesapeake Wine Festival project required tiered volume discounts when a visitor purchased a specific number of tickets or a private chalet as well as pricing discounts based on how far ahead of the event tickets were purchased. All these elements were carefully considered during the website redesign.



Custom Solution for Advanced Registration Needs


Some customers have very specific and unique needs that can only be met by creating a custom solution. Chesapean Outdoors provides various outdoor activities tours that highlight the natural beauty of the Hampton Roads area. The Chesapean Outdoor team approached us hoping to update their website’s design and discover a more innovative, efficient process for booking tours online. Some of these requirements include:

With all these specific requirements, it was very clear that a custom solution would need to be developed. The new website was designed to be mobile-first in nature with the custom ticketing module incorporated.



In addition to the scenarios and requirements we have outlined, there are various other requirements that may be specific to your business. Some common additional needs include members-only events, specific links or information sent to attendees for online events and barcode scanning while checking in attendees.

With various needs of each business, different solutions may be required to achieve the optimal solution possible. TechArk team specializes in understanding your business’s unique situation. We listen, solve and deliver custom solutions that meet our individual clients each and every need. Contact us to discuss a specific solution for your business that will help you reimagine your business using technology and marketing.

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