How to Increase Sales by Making Your Website Design More Appealing

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Your business created your website as an online sales tool. But what happens if those sales start to slow down? The appearance of your website may be the cause! Updating your website’s design to be more appealing is an effective way to help increase sales on your website. If the design is not your strength, your business always has the option to partner with web design companies. If your business is located in the Hampton Roads area, TechArk Solutions is an award-winning web design company Norfolk VA that has helped hundreds of local and national businesses improve their website’s design. Their team of designers will know which design elements your site should include increasing conversions. Here are some simple do’s and don’ts on how to make your website more appealing.

Best Design Tactics to Increase Sales

  • Simple Navigation

Making it quick and easy for customers to find your products with clear and concise navigation and a search bar is one of the simplest methods you can incorporate to increase online sales. The best place for this navigation is at the top of the page which will allow users to get the information they are looking for or be able to make a quick purchase. 

  • Cohesive Colors and Fonts 

With the endless amount of color and font combinations available, it can be hard to choose just a few. While you might find the different colors and fonts endearing, to users it can be overwhelming. Clean, well-designed websites usually stick to two-three colors and fonts used throughout the website to denote importance and help the user navigate the site intuitively. These rules also help improve the user experience which will help encourage users to stay on your site longer and to convert into sales.

  • Including Infographics

Does your business share a lot of statistical content? While this content may be interesting and important to you, website users may find it hard to understand. Instead, your business should incorporate infographics to display this statistical information in a way that is more digestible to the general public. Not to mention, users are more likely to read your entire infographic over a full page of content. 

  • Customer Testimonials and Accolades

Including logos of awards, your business has received and customer testimonials may not seem like they would be part of your website design, but you would be surprised. These icons are a crucial part of showcasing your business’s customer service and expertise. They also can help a user make their decision to choose your business over a competitor.

Now that we have named some of the design strategies that can help increase the sales of your business’s website, let’s go over some design elements that can actually cause your users to decide not to make a purchase.

Design Elements That Can Drive Away Sales 

  • Loud Media That Autoplay

Incorporating visual elements that grab a user’s attention such as a video at the top of the page has become a common practice. While having it set to automatically start playing when a user navigates to a page is not inherently bad, if your video includes loud sounds from the beginning it might not be the best idea. When navigating to a page with loud audio, it can cause the user to be startled and leave the page before they can engage. Instead, setting your audio to mute with a clear button that will allow the user to choose to listen to the video with sound or without is the best way to keep website visitors from leaving due to loud audio.

  • Design that is Too Busy

Your business’s website should avoid having too many design elements in a small space as this can cause the user to become distracted or leave your website because they feel overwhelmed. These design elements include pop-ups ads, text, videos or animation. Incorporating all these design elements in a seamless way instead will not only create an eye-catching website, but will also increase your conversion rate.

  • Cluttered Navigation

Similar to having a website design that is too busy, having cluttered navigation can also cause sales rates to drop. While we know you want to allow the user to access all the information on your business’s website as easily as possible, again, too much can become overwhelming to a user and cause them to leave your site. We recommend keeping your navigation at a higher level and allowing users to dive deeper into your business and products by interlinking pages or having sub-navigations.

  • Jarring Colors 

Choosing the colors to use in your website design is no easy feat. These colors will become part of your brand identity and therefore need to be chosen carefully to make sure they accurately represent your business. The hard part is that the possibilities are endless. And unfortunately, just because you like a certain color or color combination does not mean users will resonate with it. While you may think that choosing bold and bright colors is a great way to grab a user’s attention, in fact, it may do the opposite. And no user is going to stick around long enough on your website if the colors hurt their eyes or trigger a headache. We suggest doing some research behind the meaning of colors to see which colors reflect your business accurately and start creating a color palette for your business from there.


The design of your website is the first impression users get of your business. A clean, well-designed website can actually foster brand trust and increase the likelihood of a user completing a sale on your website. While the design do’s and don’ts mentioned above are just a starting point, there are many ways the design of your website can help increase your website sales. If website design is not a skill you consider in your wheelhouse, your business may benefit from working with a website design company. TechArk Solutions in Norfolk VA is a great web design company that specializes in helping businesses get more out of their website. If your business is in need of reimagining your website’s design and increasing online sales, contact TechArk today.

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