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Google Analytics Audience Report How To
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Are you struggling to get more leads from your website? Google Analytics can help! 


By asking three key questions within Google Analytics you will be able to improve your website design, increase your site traffic, and most importantly improve the conversion rate on your site.


  1. What age ranges are most commonly visiting my website?
  2. What affinity categories do my site visitors belong to?
  3. What adjustments can I make to my site content and overall marketing strategy to appeal better to these audiences?


What ages visit my site?


Age range helps you determine your ideal target market and how to reach these audiences effectively.


For example, say you are a Health & Wellness e-commerce site with  75 products on your website. Via your Google Analytics dashboard, you see that the age ranges visiting your site are as follows:

  • 18 - 24 = 27%
  • 25 - 34 = 33%
  • 35 - 44 = 17%
  • 45 - 54 = 11%
  • 55+ = 9%.


As you can see, in this example about 60% of total site traffic comes from 18 - 34-year-olds.


This age breakdown is essential as it allows you to specifically tailor and target your marketing efforts towards the largest age groups. Based on this you would want to make sure the content on your site appeals mostly to 18-34 year old.s


What affinity category do site visitors belong to?


An affinity category is a term that Google uses to classify users based on what type of content they view online.


Again, using the example of a Health & Wellness e-commerce site, Google Analytics finds that in addition to enjoying health & wellness these users fall under affinity categories of:

  • Value Shoppers = 8%
  • Sports & Fitness = 5%
  • Green Living = 4%
  • Travel = 3.5%


Now that you know what affinity categories your customers fall into, you can find possible correlations between the content they view and why they buy from you. 


How can I appeal to these audiences better?


Being aware of the largest age group visiting your site and what affinity categories they fall under helps you optimize your marketing strategy to appeal to them.


The Health & Wellness e-commerce business in the above examples can implement photos of 18 - 24-year-old men and women with all products. This option is excellent because it visually shows that they have products that appeal to their popular demographics. Next, they could add pictures of products being used in outdoor and fitness-related settings to appeal to their affinity categories. They can then determine which social media channel/s their most popular demographic gravitates towards and implement ads on these channels. Lastly, a monthly email marketing campaign can be sent out that includes a special like "20% off when you join our email list" to target their value shopper affinity category. 


What to do next? 


After answering these three important questions you can begin to implement the results into your overall marketing strategy and in turn improve your website conversion rate. 


If you would like TechArk to take a deep dive into your Google Analytics, contact us for a complimentary analytics review.

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