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How Much Does an App Cost to Develop?

Here at TechArk, we excel at many things (website design, software engineering, and digital marketing to name a few) but our greatest strength is our app development.

Woman holding cellphone writing on notepad We were born as an app development agency, and have evolved into a full-service web & marketing agency over the past six years. Despite our intense growth spurt, we still remember where we came from, and we still love designing and developing custom apps.

We’ve noticed that people have a lot of questions about app development, so we’re here to provide answers.

How do I create an app?

Creating an app requires a very good idea and a very talented web team. You’ll need designs that are consistent, precise, and infused with user-friendliness (UX). Development must be seamless and typically requires two different versions: Apple and Android. Cross-platform development refers to apps developed for both, which of course is more difficult, and therefore costly.

How do I make money with an app?

There are a few different ways:Wink app

How much does an app cost to build?

That depends—a lot of factors can affect the price of your app development. As a general rule, the more complex the idea the more complex the work required, driving up the price. The shop that you choose to build your app ultimately will be the largest factor in determining the cost—and the quality—of your app.Woman holding cellphone and tablet outside

Choose a large corporation and of course the quality will be impeccable—and the cost outrageous. Choose a small, two-person shop and run the risk of continuous delays, shoddy work, or a broken contract.

Your best option is the local hero: Team TechArk. We are a digital creative agency of 30+ artists, engineers, developers, thinkers, and marketers. We’ll work harder for your satisfaction than any other agency, big or small, because your business means more to us.

An app built by TechArk isn’t cheap, but it won’t bankrupt you, either. Depending on the complexity of the software development required, a typical TechArk app would start around $10,000 and increase depending on the requested features.

Within that range all of your needs will be covered:

We’re obviously a bit biased, but we think it’s a pretty sweet deal. Give us a call if you’ve got a knockout idea for the next app sensation. We’d love to build it for you.

We’re a bit biased but we think there’s a clear winner here …

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