Here’s Winking at You, Friend

Feb 05, 2018

“You’re so likeable, I bet even cats like you.”

The first one’s free … and so are the rest. For another dose of original and unique flattery, you’ll have to download Wink, TechArk’s original Complimentary Compliment Generator released just in time for Valentine’s Day.

We created the app in-house, along with the compliments. Mobile apps are our specialty, and this one was designed to be a free gift for friends, family, and clients.

Most agencies hype the holiday season, but we wanted to do something different. So instead we made a compliment generator that can be used to brighten people’s day all year. For phase 2 we plan to crowdsource new compliments from our audience, keeping the app fresh and original.

Erika Guess, Team Lead for Digital Marketing

Wink was born out of an internal creative brainstorming sesh, then designed and developed quickly to launch just in time for the month of love … which is February, in case that wasn’t clear.

The compliments were dreamed up by the marketing team (who are not monitored by HR) and include such gems as “You taste better than chocolate” and “Let’s slow dance.” Although not actually guaranteed to get you any action, Wink definitely has game.

Whether you’re shy, not very creative when it comes to flattery, or looking for a laugh, Wink has a kind word for you.

Here are some helpful instructions for how to flirt using Wink:

  1. Download Wink.
  2. Find & approach an attractive person.
  3. Shake it or Tap it (the app, duh).
  4. Read the compliment out loud.
  5. Prepare for onslaught of affection.
  6. Share your experience on social! Everyone loves a sweet story.

Remember, Think Wink. Now go forth, and sweet talk.

Interested in commissioning an app like Wink for your company?

Whether you’re shy, not very creative when it comes to flattery, or looking for a laugh, Wink has a kind word for you.

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