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Here’s Apple’s Fashion Statement: “You May Need A Savings Account”

Apple hosted their first event of 2015 earlier this week live from the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. There were two major updates that were announced; First, the unveiling of the gold MacBook and secondly, the cost and features of the new Apple Watch.
CEO Tim Cook started the event by showing off the new thin, gold MacBook, and went on to unveil that it weighs just two pounds. It’s said to be the most energy-efficient laptop on the planet. Cook then went on to speak about more features available on the Apple Watch, such as email, music, Instagram, text messaging, and Apple Pay. The Apple Watch even allows you to open your hotel room door with the flick of your wrist.
The biggest announcement that people will be talking about is the revealing of the price range for the Apple Watch-with the most expensive version costing up to $17,000. The base model is priced at $349, and the luxury gold version costs $10,000. The price point really speaks to the goal of Apple with this one. Apple wants to make a fashion statement, and they understand that price is often a consumer’s identification with a high quality fashion item. Apple wants their watch to be something desirable, and with a ceiling price of $17,000, that’s all that many will be able to do. Will this price point be a hit or miss for the company? Only time will tell how it is adopted in the fashion industry.
Watch a few highlights from the event in this video below.

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