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Jul 19, 2016

It’s been a very good year for TechArk.

TechArk has made great strides in growing our business since we first started in 2012. Here are four tips on how we grew our business and how we can use our own experiences to help you grow yours:

  1. “Re-imagine Your Business.” One of the services that we provide is marketing and business practice consulting. Part of that includes a holistic review of a business and how it works, including the people handling tasks, use of technology, processes and procedures, and more. In order to practice what we preach, we took on the same process starting last year to see how we could make ourselves better. The result was a new brand identity, better workflow through project management tools and greater visibility in the business community.
  2. Good press. A great deal of our success has come from satisfied clients who have helped to spread the word about us to other businesses and entrepreneurs. But we’ve also been recognized by several regional and national entities about our work including:
    1. The 2016 Hampton Roads Entrepreneurial Excellence Award from Inside Business.
    2. An American Web Design Award from Graphic Design USA for our work on
    3. A Certificate of Appreciation for acting as a mentor to Advanced Technology Center (ATC) students in Virginia Beach City Public Schools.
    4. A Small Business Profile in the premier issue of CoVa Biz Magazine.
  3. Being approachable. Our business philosophy has always been to give our clients a “small agency” feel when it comes to communication. Everyone on our team needs to be available and responsive to customers when they call with an idea, concern or question.
  4. Laser focus. The work we do needs to be a good fit for our clients and they need to be a good fit for us so we can work collaboratively. It’s the best way to ensure satisfaction on both sides.

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