Four Ways TechArk Uses Technology to Maintain Our Team’s Mojo

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Company News Now that the long Labor Day weekend is over, we hope you’re returning to work feeling rested and refreshed. But if you need some inspiration to get you back to the work groove, you’re in luck because we’re going to let you in on a few little secrets on how we keep our mojo going at TechArk. With the advent of mobile and cloud based solutions, there are several tools and services available that allow businesses to tackle the challenges of the modern workplace, whether it’s improving collaboration with your teams or managing project deadlines. Here is a categorized list of some of the tools and the strategies that have helped transform our team: Project Management Project management and collaboration tools have been a vital part of our success as our team grows. We utilize Asana for project management, and we live and die by the projects, tasks, and deadlines that we input. It allows us to utilize our time more effectively during meetings because we know where we are with milestones. We make better use of our time on critical issues and decisions. Real-Time Communication Collaboration tools like Slack also help us work asynchronously and help create a community and culture with our remote team members. Ideas and inspiration are shared within Slack, and we can provide feedback and turnaround on decisions more quickly. Online Meetings For our clients, we always prefer face-to-face meetings but respect their busy schedules. We rely on online meeting tools like to remotely demonstrate our software solutions for our clients. Cloud Storage Services like Google Drive allow us to store all our documents in one single shared place. Everything is housed in the cloud, and we don't have to worry about data sitting on someone's local machine or performing regular backups. We are heavy users of Google Drive and collaborate on documents by editing directly within the document or adding comments for the author to review. Despite all these excellent tools and services, one of the most critical aspects to do this right is to have a well-defined, easy-to-understand process. Process is the key to getting your teams to adopt these tools and how they get utilized in their daily functions. So, give one—or all—of these tools a try as you come back from the three-day weekend. They may be just the solutions you need to solve an underlying challenge within your workplace.


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