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Jul 03, 2017

Last week, the TechArk office was abuzz with activity, both inside and out. While our staff sipped coffee, clicked, typed, and walked to & from the water cooler, a television camera crew was setting up in our conference room.

No, we’re not famous…yet.

It was HR Business Weekly, a local television program hosted by Cheryl Tan that focuses on budding entrepreneurs in the area. A guest at our grand opening in late 2016, Tan had recalled our unique conference room table when seeking a location to shoot, and we happily agreed to share our space for the morning.

As the camera crew and the agency team mingled and worked, Tan and our Content Specialist Hannah (hi!) sat down for a quick chat about the future of technology in Hampton Roads.

Q: What do you see as the unifying characteristic that defines the entrepreneurs that you interview each week?
A: If they’re successful, they care about their customers. And that’s why they succeed.

Q: How do you envision this wave of new businesses changing Hampton Roads?
A: Entrepreneurship is the best way to grow connections, and the economy. But we need to understand and do things the right way because if the entrepreneur fails, that’s not good for the area either.

Q: Have you noticed an increase in technology businesses in the area?
A: Yes, I think so. It seems like those are the ones people are gravitating towards. But no matter what your business is, it’s your customer service that matters.

Tan hosts the weekly segment on local entrepreneurs every Sunday morning at 9 am on WVEC. Catch the show sometime to see if you can spot our awesome conference room table, and check out the clip below to see our favorite entrepreneur in his past HR Weekly Business interview!

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