Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Jun 06, 2014

E-mail marketing is a quick, easy and an inexpensive medium for engaging customers and driving sales. Email marketing is one of the powerful marketing tools available for any type of businesses.

Creating strong email marketing list can be very beneficial to educate your customers about new products and also to increase sales.

Below are some tips which might help you out if you are thinking about starting email marketing for your small business.

1.Use Email Marketing Software:
If your just starting with email marketing you may think to use Google, Outlook or Yahoo mail account, but however these accounts will not be adequate for long time as most email providers have limits on how many email addresses can be added to a single email.

Therefore it is worth considering an email marketing software such as Mailchimp. They are usually affordable and also allows you to create professional looking emails without any design skills.

2.Make it easy to subscribe and unsubscribe:
Add sign-up fields to your website, Facebook page and other channels so that people can easily subscribe. Usually adding a line and letting them know about what exciting things to expect from your newsletter is a good way to persuade them to sign-up.

3.Send a welcome email:
A simple and easy way to get people started as a part of your email community is to send them a nice welcome email when they sign up for your email list. It can be a short message thanking them for their sign-up as well as letting them know how many emails they should expect to receive. You can also ask them to add your email address to their address book so that your emails are not filled as spam.

4.Content is the King:
The saying says it all. Do not send materials that people consider as spam and your email address gets blocked and you may be prevented from sending emails in the future. Your email should be friendly,interesting and easy to read. Break the content into short chunks and use images to attract attention.

5.Using statistics to monitor success:
The other good thing about email marketing software is that it gives you some idea on the performance of your email campaigns by showing you how many opens and clicks you have received. This is a really easy way to see or check what content is working and what is less popular.

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