Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile App Marketing

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Website Design + Development With the increasing use of mobile phones, more and more businesses are developing mobile apps. With so many mobile apps in the market, it becomes very important to market the mobile app. If you own a mobile application, you can market it on your own. You can also hire a professional marketer to help you make money through mobile apps. Without proper marketing, there are chances that your new mobile application will fall through the cracks.

Here are some do’s and don’ts of marketing a mobile app:

Do: Add a unique twist to the app: In order to make your mobile app successful, you should add something special to the app. You can add a few unique features like a cool game or a practical tool to make your app take off. Don't: Rip off successful apps: It may seem to be a good idea to rip off popular new app that can lead to long term success. Avoid ripping off other successful mobile applications to market your app. Do: Create a marketing plan: Before launching the app, you should think of an effective marketing plan. It can be a good idea to inform the consumers about your app before it is launched. You should create teasers or trailers, run contests or other type of promotional material to help your mobile app take off. Don't: Market your app to the wrong audience: It is very important to market your mobile app to the target audience. For example: If you are planning to market a business app, there’s no point in marketing it to the targeted audience. You should keep in mind the target audience and market the application accordingly. Do: Price your mobile app fairly: It is not a good idea to price your mobile app too high. It can turn off the consumers. Do not go for a very low pricing for your mobile app as it can make the consumers feel that the app is low quality. You should set a reasonable price for the app. Don't: Stop marketing once your app is launched: You should not cease the marketing of your mobile app once it is launched. You should continue to market your app to ensure the continual success.
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