Do I Need Social Media for Business?

We assume you’re a busy business owner looking for quick info, so we’ll get to the point …


Whew. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let us count the ways your business would benefit from a strong social presence. We’ll even give you some tips on how to make the most of it, if you’re interested.

1. Advertising. If you’re not already running ads on social media, then we need to talk (HINT: It’s not us, it’s you).

TechArk on Facebook

Even with the tiniest budget, you’re virtually guaranteed to make some progress with social media ads—reach a wider audience, obtain more page likes, and increase post engagement (the number of likes, reactions, comments, and shares).

Facebook Business Manager is relatively streamlined and includes an extensive bank of stock photography to use. Another option for a Business account on Facebook is to “boost” a post—quickly expand the reach of a top-performing post by putting a little cash behind it.

Pro Tip: $5, $10, and $20 can work wonders for a boosted post.

2. Events. If your business hosts, attends, or has opinions on local or industry-relevant happenings, post ‘em!

Timing is everything with social media. Post in-the-moment or immediately after the fact whenever possible (livestream if you can) and remember that content on social has a 24-hour lifespan. Make the most of it by posting (and boosting?) as soon as possible.

Remember to tag your location, other businesses (if appropriate) and any other details that will increase the reach of the post. For visual platforms like Instagram, take extra care with your photo. Nobody will read your post if the imagery doesn’t make them stop scrolling.

Pro Tip: Different content works better on different platforms. Tailor your imagery and messaging accordingly.

3. Networking. It’s not called “social” media for nothing!

TechArk on LinkedIn

If your business is only posting and not liking, following, sharing or otherwise engaging with other content and businesses on the platform, you’re quite literally missing the point.

Businesses can raise one another up with the right content and the right networks. When a strategic partnership is posted, the audience automatically doubles—and in some cases may multiply exponentially.

Pro Tip: Share your company’s posts from your personal accounts.

4. Fun. Don’t be afraid to show a different side of the company!

In today’s world, people are constantly marketed to. Stand out by being authentic and posting stories—not just about the company but also about the people behind the work.

It is a well-known fact in digital marketing circles that images with faces perform better (notice the graphic for this post) because we as people want to connect with other people. Help your audience see themselves in your company, by being real and relatable.

Pro Tip: You can’t fake “genuine.” Wait for an authentically candid and wonderful moment, snap a photo (or a boomerang—always fun) and post it with a simple caption.

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