Day 9: Ways to Use a Raspberry Pi 3

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Rasberry Pi
Software Development

Tor Box

The only thing you need to hide all your Facebook browsing from the government. Using the free open source Tor browser you can send all your personal internet traffic through this little computer to encrypt all the data sent and bounce your IP between the relays in the Tor network.

Magic Mirror

A little more hard core DIY project that you can do is creating a mirror that has AI, interact with you, recognizes your face and acts as your personal daily motivation. The amount of things that you need for this project can be overwhelming and this should only be done if you have a lot of free time with a decent amount of budget.

Interactive Calendar

Tired of the basic cat calendar you get from your co-workers during secret santa every year ? Get a second hand touchscreen monitor and add a raspberry pi to it to have a calendar that contains all your event and meetings so you never forget about that movie date ever again. It also synchronizes all your devices so if you are away you can just add an event through your favorite device and it shows up at home or wherever you decide to put your new high tech calendar.

Home Theater PC (HTPC)

While the amount of home theater like devices are growing fast none of them can keep up with the price and capabilities of this one. This little DIY project can handle all your Game of Thrones episodes and if you connect it to your home network you can use it with your home NAS described later on this list. Installation and the setup of this device can be done in just an hour and the amount of time spent on the couch will exponentially grow.


The start of the future is here. While it is not yet confirmed that Skynet and the I, Robot is going to happen you can make small robots such as a burglary protection robot that alert you every time any motion is done in the house or smaller and simpler projects such as the Rumba (the automatic cleaning robot).

Seed Box

It’s a huge misconception that torrenting is illegal. Torrenting is totally free, and legal as long as it is done right and limited to the boundaries. Whether you are downloading a distro of Linux to support your other Pi projects or just simply sending your personal files between two machines and trying to make it really quick the seed machine is always there to help. This device is an always on device that consumes less power than your coffee machine. While you need to do some coding to start seeding your torrent files, it helps out millions of people who are trying access the same file from the same site.

FTP Server

Are you a freelance web developer ? This is the project for you. No more local installs of PHP and the use of wamp. This little machine can store all your website files and can replicate a full stack server that can be handy in troubleshooting before you start paying for hosting. All you need to do is install a basic server environment operating system (OS) on it and a couple of lines of code and it is up and running.

Home NAS

Have thousands of pictures of your cat eating or you mistakenly took selfies? Don't you worry about storing it on the cloud again. No more wait times to load or “sorry we are down because of maintenance”. Show your picture whenever you want to. You don't need anything else other then the installation of free NAS onto your Pi and an external hard drive. Just simply drag and drop your pictures from any device that is connected to the same network and your files will be secure on your own personal Cloud storage.

Retro Gaming Console

Miss those old Smash games with your buddies and arguing over Mario Kart? Well with this DIY device you can play all your retro games. Anything from N64, Gameboy, and the original X-Box arcade are projects that have been done before by the enormous community that is behind Pi.  
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