Day 8: Solutions for Productivity

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Staying productive is a complaint that everyone has occasionally, whether at work or at home.  Our team has compiled a list of their favorite “productivity enhancing” products just in time for the holiday season! Check out our full list below which we think will help streamline your daily routine going into 2017.

Sensorwake Alarm

Waking up to an actual alarm clock blaring noise is SO 2016.  The Sensorwake Alarm actually gradually looks to wake you up with different scents ranging from espresso to croissants!

4 Function Ruler Pen

For the productivity guy or gal in your life who’s ALWAYS looking for a pen (or pencil or more), the 4 function ruler pen combines an  orange highlighter, a black ballpoint pen, a pencil and a PDA stylus all in one (so you know, he or she doesn’t have to keep going back to their office desk “mug” with all their other writing utensils).


Fidget Cube

Even the most productive person needs a mental break every once in awhile; the Fidget Cube lets you do so right at your desk (think the game Bop It but with a mini WALL-E robot) - Click, glide, flip, breathe, roll and spin when the little guy tells you to and see how far you can get during your next break!

4-in-1 Lens

Have a friend that’s always taking pictures when you’re going out for their Snapchat or Facebook page?  The 4-in-1 lens from Olloclip offers a fisheye, wide-angle, 10x and even 15x macro lens to give your social media photographer professional grade lenses for their next viral post!

Amazon Echo

We’ve come to think of Amazon Echo’s Alex to be one of our favorite team members in the office; from being able to yell across our office to “change the song” to even asking random questions on general knowledge, we love how this smart device from Amazon adapts to our requests (and from our multiple voices when we’re arguing over where to order lunch).


For those in states that always seem to experience the coldest winters, make sure you’re able to access your smartphone or device without taking off your gloves, Nanotips can be applied to fabrics, fleeces, and even leather gloves to instantly make those mittens smartphone “touch friendly”


Ah the rise of the smart watch. When first introduced (and debated) on whether or not these would actually “catch on,” we have definitely been won over by how easy it does help with routine tasks usually reserved for actually picking up your phone.  From being able to search Google with your voice, track your latest run through integrated GPS and even allowing you to pay for your groceries without reaching into your purse, we’ve listed our favorite smartwatches below!

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