Day 7: Graphic and Web Design Technology We Recommend

Font Awesome glyphicons

As a must have for front end web development, glyphicons and just icons in general are a must have in today’s modern design standards. It helps people who don’t want to read as much and even people with disabilities. While it is still recommended to add text next to icons, you can be sure that Font Awesome got your back since it is the most widely supported glyphicon set out today.

Online Emulators (jsfiddle, codepen)

These websites are used everyday by our TechArk web developers to test out web scenarios without having to add it to servers. It is a great way to proof your code as well since it is a quick, “works or not”, type of emulator. It helps the developer with error messages that will describe what is setting you back from the creation of those amazing websites.

Stock Images

Whether they are just for place holders or for actually attract people’s attention they are a great resource for any kind of developer or designer. There are multiple free and paid sites to go visit when looking for some pictures for your new app or website.

Phone Emulators (Phonegap, Ionic Labs)

These apps for your computer and phone are used to send your files from your computer to your phone. But that’s not the whole story. Your app is still being developed, but you want to see how it looks on a mobile device and how it handles touch screen. Well, you can do that. It uses your computer as a host and connects your phone to it, so it replicates the phone environment a user would see when they download your app from the app store. They also help you with with their packaging tools and coding add-ons to achieve complete coverage when developing for mobile devices. The best part is that they are both free. Adobe’s Phone Gap and Ionic’s Lab both cover you with these features.

Phone Gap Process

Web Frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation)

These little snippets are used to speed up the process of designing a website and developing apps whether on the web or on the phone. All you need to do is include them in your project and start using it. There are thousands of “how to’s” and professional tutorials on how to use frameworks such as bootstrap and foundation. They are the two most maintained and supported frameworks out on the market now and they are both free of cost.

Google Apps

Collaboration is key to the speedy development and design stages of a project. The use of google sheets for bug tracking and time tracking is a must at our company and the use of inbox, the replacement of gmail, boosts productivity and improves connectivity with co-workers and reduces the risk of not completing tasks. There are dozens more apps to use by Google that help collaboration but these are the main ones we use on a regular basis no matter the project size.

CMS (WordPress, Drupal)

This is another kind of framework to be used when the website needs to be updated regularly. CMS or Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal are most common, though Joomla is one that has been used for years now. We at TechArk use WordPress to create simple website for clients who want less interactivity and more of a paired down website that provides basic information. They are all free to use to some extent and can be heavily modified if you are a real code ninja like us at TechArk.

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