Day 6: Innovative Technology We Love

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Google Home AI

This little device is a great alternative for the Amazon dot or the echo, which both have massive success in the tech community for both price and usability. The Google home is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is based on the Google speech and Google search functionality meaning it is the most up to date AI in the tech world. Anything from playing music to doing basic searches, it can do and so much more if you are willing to spend some time looking through code on Github.

Amazon Dash

The highlight of our Grand opening was the IoT sweepsteak that was powered by the Amazon dash button. This basic handy tech was designed for stay at home people who want to conveniently order things through Amazon such as basic household supplies and consumer products. If you are as technical as our team you can re-program and hack that little button to do things such as control your smart TV or start your coffee in the morning when you want to sleep 5 more minutes.

Google Chromecast

The low price and the amount of things that this home & office technology can do made it a huge success back when it was released in late 2015. Since then they have released two new generations allowing the latest one to play 4K resolution video from supported apps. Even though there are still lots of features to be added, Chromecast is a great device to be gifted to a tech savvy relative since it still has a low price and lots of power under the hood.


While Google isn’t the only one out there making innovative things, almost everyone knows in the tech community that they are responsible for a great percentage of technology being introduced to us. We personally use chromebooks heavily in the new TechArk office since they are a fast and easy way to get things done, and since our company is oriented around Google Apps, a Chromebook is a great choice. Anything that needs to be done over the internet, the Chromebook is there for you. A light, compact, fast, and affordable solution for anyone in need of an upgrade.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The use of AI has been around for some years. As Google home was already described in this list, this section is more about the use and functionality of such devices and how to improve your day with them. Just imagine waking up and just saying “make me some coffee please” and actually getting it done without any rude response from your peers. This tech is truly the future and something that we at the TechArk office are trying to test and play with day by day.

Smart Homes

The NEST smart thermometer is in use at our office space every day and that's just the tip of the iceberg regarding smart homes. From monitoring your kids through your phone, to controlling the lights using voice; the introduction of smart homes and the collaboration between AI and smart homes just expands the possibilities that can be done quicker and more effectively. Have you used any of these smart technologies? Share on our Facebook page.
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