Day 5: Top VR Viewers

VR viewer
Company News You've probably heard of one of the latest trends in digital technology; Virtual Reality. Here is the list of 5 top VR viewers to consider.

Google Cardboard

As the cheapest solution for “VR” this needs to be on the list. There are 3rd party versions available that are in the sub $10 range. It’s core functionality is basically the same as the other ones on this list but its durability is going to be longer since it is made out of recycled cardboard.


As google’s other VR headset, the Daydream has to be included on your list. It’s durability is significantly higher than Cardboard’s, while the price is still affordable being sub $100. The Daydream is also more comfortable and adaptive than the cardboard since it has a headband so you don't have to hold it up and it also comes with a remote controller that is build into the cardboard.

Samsung Gear VR

This headset is powered by Oculus meaning it will have the best experience but compatibility wise it’s not the greatest. Since it only supports Samsung devices, that narrows down the compatibility list but at least it’s always in stock, unlike its competitor, the OnePlus VR that is nearly unmanageable to get. The Gear VR’s comfort is top quality with foam padding allowing hours of use without any frustration or pain. Even though the Gear VR is just Oculus Rift’s simpler and cheaper version it still deserves appreciation for the price and quality if you are willing to stick with the low compatibility.

Oculus Rift

As probably the most known VR headset and the second most expensive on this list, the Oculus has to be only the second choice. Even though Oculus was the one company who started the whole “VR mania” they still have their flaws. Oculus has the most supported apps and games available of the choices list and it is not like the other VR headsets before it. It directly connects to a computer which adds more price and less compatibility but a better user experience. With popular apps such as Virtual desktop (which allows the user to use their desktop in a VR environment) and thousands of movies being supported; the Oculus is a great choice if you still want to save some money but have the true VR experience.

HTC Vive

The best has to be the last. Since day one the HTC Vive has dominated the VR market with it’s incorporation of Steam (the most popular game distributor and re-seller) and the amazing comfort that it provides. Even though it is the priciest one on the list, barely coming in under $1,000 -- it sure will make you question reality. Have you tried using a VR headset? Share on our Facebook page.
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