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Dawn Of The Drone

Another week, another awesome drone debut! Drones have long been contemplated by man and we finally find ourselves in a day and age in which they exist and continue to be used for new and exciting things. We’ve listed our three favorite drones debuts from the past couple of weeks below:


Drone waiters

Featured in one of our previous blog posts, but definitely one worth repeating, Singapore restaurant Timbre is testing out drone waiters. Manager Edward Chia states that the device is not intended to replace human waiters but this awesome technological advance does raise a few concerns regarding jobs. Chia may have the best interest in mind for his restaurant and team, but what about other restaurants who will adopt drone waiters in the future?

Check out this awesome video we found on the testing at their restaurant!


Large drone over trees

We’re not talking about the drones that tend to the field (although those are awesome as well). This week we came across this ridiculously cool video recorded by an Irish farmer by the name of Paul Brennan. Brennan used his drone for herding his sheep. There literally are no humans in this video and over 50 sheep were led across a farm field. The coolest thing about this is the possibility this gives us for future technological advances. Instead of herding sheep all day, Brennan was able to use his time elsewhere which proves that drones will raise human efficiency when used properly. Check out his video and be amazed.


Drone ant

We came across an article the other day about Germany-based global industrial control and automation engineering firm, Festo that has been building a complex algorithm-controlled ant army. The idea came from an inspiration from nature. For centuries, man has studied the virtues of ants to understand how such small creatures can have such complex social structures enabling them to be so efficient and productive. Festo wants to “demonstrate how autonomous individual components can solve complex tasks together working as an overall networked system.” The potential is intriguing. Check out the video to see the ant army for yourself.

The future of drones integration is already underway. Now, we get to imagine all of the possibilities for increased human efficiency, and technological advancements.

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