Could Windows 10 be the first universal OS?

May 04, 2015

Microsoft’s Build Developer’s Conference introduced some exciting new ideas that could revolutionize (or at least complicate) the world of technology. One of the better ideas we’ve heard about is Continuum, a proposed feature of Windows 10. Continuum will be able to detect users’ devices in order to scale applications to the right dimensions. That could mean Windows 10 will be the most advantageous OS for ensuring a quality user experience across all devices. Whether you choose a phone screen, a tablet, or a traditional computer, you’ll enjoy the power of a PC from anywhere, simply by connecting your device to a monitor. This added flexibility and portability should go a long way towards smoothing the Windows app experience.

Another step in the right direction is Microsoft’s plan to port apps from different platforms, allowing them to be used on Windows 10. That means you could port Android apps and iOS apps to Windows, expanding the possibilities of your Windows 10 phone. For increased potential, apps will work on tablets and desktop PCs as well. This hopefully means expanded offerings from the Windows Store, including more apps from your favorite developers. Of course, users will have to wait for developers to make the decision to port their apps to Windows. The success of this initiative will depend on the participation of Android and iOS developers who wish to expand into the Windows market. Unfortunately, many iOS and Android developers today barely give Windows a glance. But as more users clamor for portable apps, we’ll hopefully start to see more robust offerings for Windows 10 phones.

The bottom line: we are cautiously optimistic about Windows 10 as a departure from the limitations of Windows 8. By increasing user options and making it easy to get the content and apps you crave, Microsoft is taking a step in the direction of a universal operating system. With a history of overpromising, Microsoft may not be able to deliver on the seamless experience they are forecasting. At the very least, however, we should see app developers giving Windows a second look. Stay tuned for more updates, predictions, and critiques.

Image Credits: Microsoft

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