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Three people in meeting

Four Ways TechArk Uses Technology to Maintain Our Team’s Mojo

Now that the long Labor Day weekend is over, we hope you’re returning to work feeling rested and refreshed. But if you need some inspiration...

Sep 08, 2015
Android M phone

New from Google I/O 2015: Meet Android M

At last year’s I/O event (Google’s annual conference for programmers and developers), Android Lollipop took the stage. It was about time for the latest Android...

Jun 16, 2015
Person with stethescope in gloves clicking medical icons

4 Healthcare IT Upgrades Every Medical Practice Should Make

Keeping your healthcare practice up-to-date is one of your most important considerations – when it comes to patient care. But is your office technology equally...

May 04, 2015
Modern kitchen

Top Tech Gadgets To Make Your Home More Awesome

tech•nol•o•gy noun: The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Technology expands our perception. It expands our potential and it expands our power. As science...

Apr 13, 2015
Large drone over trees

Dawn Of The Drone

Another week, another awesome drone debut! Drones have long been contemplated by man and we finally find ourselves in a day and age in which...

Apr 09, 2015
Black Tesla car

Who Will Win The Driverless Car Race?

Some of the biggest tech buzz-phrases of the year have included “wearable’s”, “augmented/ virtual reality”, and the very exciting “driverless car.” Each buzz-phrase has industry...

Mar 27, 2015
Drone waiters

Are Waiters Soon to Be Extinct?

Well, maybe not soon, but the concept is definitely a new thought now that a revolutionary restaurant in Singapore is deploying hovering drones to deliver...

Feb 27, 2015
Xamarin certified mobile developer

We are a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer

Techark Solutions specializes in developing mobile apps for iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, Windows Phone and Windows platforms. We have a track record of developing...

Jul 09, 2014
Flowers in vase

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is round the corner – All the families and friends across US would be gathering to feast, relax and have a good time...

Nov 23, 2013