Client Spotlight | ODUrent

“All the team at TechArk rallied behind our company at the end of our season. Their help with the last big push marketing efforts helped end our season at 100% fully leased!”

-Monica Fincham, Property Manager at ODUrent

We’re feeling fantastic, thanks to one of our stellar clients, ODUrent. We’ve been working together for less than a year, but it feels like we’ve been best friends forever! Join us as we look back over many fond memories made together, and celebrate our shared victory of the past few months.

Summer, Schooled.

Due to the unique time frames of student housing, ODUrent enjoys long periods of relative quiet while the school semester progresses. This peaceful time is broken up by an intense peak season over the hottest part of the summer, throughout July and August – the most popular time for students (procrastinators by nature) to get around to wondering where they’ll live between classes and meals.

TechArk designed and developed, but that was just the beginning. Once the redesign was complete, we turned our attention to the goal: leasing all the available rooms and properties. Seven total properties are managed by ODUrent, two of which were our main focus throughout the summer. We ran two ad campaigns for each on social, one for available houses and the other for leased units in need of roommates.

We all know the kids these days love to post their victories, opinions, and questions on social media, so we started by honing in on that key target audience. Aiming the ads at college students was a no-brainer, but our social media mavericks took it a step further by thinking outside the box.

A major commuter school, ODU happened to be raising the cost of parking passes – per semester. Doing some quick ad-math, we figured that for some students it would be more cost-effective to rent a room than purchase a pass. Finally, we targeted the huge audience of military service men and women who also commute to the school. We upped the ante on ads for houses with driveways, and upped the hype, too.

We turned up the volume on ODUrent’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM), running paid ad campaigns which target soon-to-be Old Dominion University students and their parents. Featuring custom graphics, original content, and laser-focused keyword analyses, we sent out the ads to seek and destroy student housing quandaries.

Having reviewed our recommendations and gotten a taste of the amazing results to come, ODUrent caught our excitement and wanted to get involved. Upgrading the security around the properties gave us more selling points to emphasize, while enhanced photography provided by the client gave us beautiful assets to showcase.

A collaborative endeavor for all involved, we’re proud to call ODUrent a major success story for the summer. Each property was leased, every lonely roomie found a mate, and now ODUrent can start the fall semester with a smile. 


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