Choosing The Best Mobile App Development Platform

All organizations in the world are constantly looking for mobile app development platform which is able to support their specific business needs. Mobile app development is the process by which application software is developed for different mobile devices, such as smartphones or iPads.

The app development platform environment has been growing in the past few years and now each of the platforms for mobile apps has an integrated development environment, providing developers to create apps for a targeted audience.

How to choose the best mobile app development platform for your needs?
Mobile App development platform is a broad field, offering a wide array of possibilities. So how to choose the best for your needs?

First you need to make a mobile app development decision that is : native or cross-platform?

A native mobile app is created using the manufacturer’s operating system or device and runs on a single platform. A cross- platform mobile app is developed using a single code base and it can run on multiple platforms.

Deciding on a mobile app development platform

The aim is to deliver the mobile app to the right audience, at the right time-regardless of the device and development tool. Below are some things you might consider when deciding on a development platform:

1)Know your target audience:
Do you see higher mobile engagement rate from Android or iOS users?or Both? Then you need to put your potential customer needs first.

2)Decide on technical features you want your app to include:
Understanding what technical features each mobile platform provides can help with much of your workload while developing your app. If your app is going to run in the background then you would be better off choosing something like the Palm Os rather than the iOS.

3)Financial aspect:
Each mobile platform offers different income opportunities. If you’re looking for good money flowing in regularly, target the mass market with a large audience for your product.

4)Look at the future prospects for the mobile platform:
When selecting a mobile platform ask a simple question like: Is it stable? Will it survive tomorrow? Mobile app industry is bringing many changes on a daily basis, and therefore you should think of long term consequences of choosing a particular mobile platform.

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