What You Need To Know About Choosing a Website Maintenance Company

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Website Maintenance
Website Maintenance

Now that your business’s new and improved website is live, it may seem like your work is done. Unfortunately, that is not the case as websites need consistent maintenance. If keeping your website up-to-date and secure is not a task you and your team want to take on, you have the option of partnering with a trusted website maintenance company. Some web maintenance companies offer hosting services as well. Choosing the right website maintenance company for your business isn’t always easy. Here we will provide some tips for determining which company will be the best partner for your business.

Know How Much Support Your Business Will Need


Every web maintenance company offers multiple different services and service packages. Knowing how much support your business website needs from a website maintenance agency in Norfolk is the first step of the process. Start by asking yourself these questions before beginning your search for a website maintenance partner.

  1. Do I want to host the business website myself or have it hosted by the company I choose?
  2. What elements do I want to have updated? Content? Images? Files?
  3. Will we write blog posts internally or would we prefer to have the web maintenance company write them for us?
  4. How much time per week should be spent maintaining my business’s website?
  5. Do I want to manage Search Engine Optimization for my site on my own? Or would I prefer to have help?
  6. What would be more beneficial, spend my time focusing on maintaining my business’s website, or focusing on growing my business?


Know Which Services Each Company Offers

Now that you know how much support you will need from a website maintenance company, it’s essential to find a partner that provides all the services needed to support your business’s website. For example, if your business website needs a full-service website maintenance agency, does the company you are vetting provide some or all of these features below:

  • Checking for Broken Links
  • Checking for 404 Errors
  • Plugin and Software Updates
  • Test Website Speed
  • Provide Blog Content
  • Analyze website security
  • Analyze website performance analytics
  • Updating design, photos, and graphics
  • Optimization for Mobile
  • Domain Renewal
  • Website Hosting


Know Your Budget

Once you have determined which services you will need from the website maintenance company you will partner with, it is necessary to set a budget. Website maintenance costs vary drastically from company to company. There are usually a couple of factors that come into play that help determine the cost of website maintenance. These factors include the size of your company and the complexity of your business’s website. For example, a small business with a fairly simple website will pay less for maintenance than a business that has a website with eCommerce features incorporated.

Choose a Reputable Company

Now that you have found several potential companies who offer everything you are looking for within your price point, it is time to do some research to help you make your choice. For each company you are considering, search positive client testimonials and customer reviews on Google and the company’s website. Social media can also be a great tool to find out the reputation of a company. Besides looking at the reviews being left by clients, seeing how the company itself responds to both good and bad feedback can help you see their level of customer service.

Choose a Company with the Right Amount of Experience

Finally, you should choose a company that has a lot of experience. Web maintenance companies with experienced teams are better able to maintain your business website and make recommendations that can improve your overall website performance. An experienced team will always develop a custom, comprehensive web maintenance plan for your business’s website. This plan will take into account your specific needs, the available resources, and of course, your budget. Please keep in mind that this plan will be ongoing, instead of on a periodic basis. Communicate with the company you plan to partner with before committing to answer any questions you may have and set clear expectations.


Keeping your business’s website maintained is no easy feat. It can be time-consuming and requires a lot of resources. Choosing to partner with a professional website maintenance company may be the best option for maintaining your business’s website. If that is a route you should choose for your business, there are some tips for selecting the best website maintenance partner for you. When comparing companies to partner with you should consider how much support you need, what services are needed, your budget and the company’s experience and reputation. TechArk Solutions has experience hosting and maintaining websites for clients since the beginning. Between our headquarters in Norfolk Virginia and our global team, we can ensure your website is updated, secure, and functioning optimally around the clock. Contact TechArk to have our team of experts starting maintaining your business’s website today.

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