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Feb 14, 2017

Have you seen the ABC show Shark Tank? Just in case you may have missed it, on the show a panel of multi-millionaires and billionaire tycoons are presented with a variety of potential business inventions, products and potential investments from budding entrepreneurs.  Contestants showcase their start-ups and the “Sharks” offer bids to aid in the growth and success of the companies, receiving benefits in the form of equity stakes in these growing businesses.

What is 757 Angels?

757 Angels is in some cases similar to what is presented on Shark Tank;  757 Angels connects entrepreneurs and angel investors in the Hampton Roads area. An angel investor is “a high net worth, accredited investor who invests directly into promising entrepreneurial businesses in return for stock in the companies.” 757 Angels is comprised of over 100 business and community leaders in Hampton Roads who provide investment capital, strategic advice and mentoring to the start-ups they have selected.

Why do they do what they do?

In 2013, Virginia had the 3rd slowest growth rate in the country with 30,000 fewer jobs created than in 2007. Additionally, Hampton Roads is ranked 302 out of 382 metropolitan areas in employment growth since the end of the “Great Recession.”  757 Angels are focused on growing and diversifying our economy, as well as providing their investors with a risk-adjusted return on their capital investment. They are currently the only angel investment group in the Hampton Roads area and have funded 10 companies in the Hampton Roads area alone.

Can my business get an investment?

Apply online to find out!  Recently, 757 Angels teamed up with TechArk Solutions to create their website, coincidentally giving us the opportunity to invest in the success of their business! Check out their new website to learn more about what they’re doing for the community, our economy, and how to get you or your business involved!

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