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    Hola Mis Amigos!

    You’re invited to a fiesta at TechArk!

    Every quarter we’ll host Guac & Talk, a workshop with a dash of networking. It’s an opportunity for professionals in marketing and technology to learn about trends, share information and make Hampton Roads even more creative and innovative. We’ll be sharing our expertise, and we will occasionally have guest speakers, so if you’re interested in presenting at our quarterly event, get in touch today.

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    To RSVP for March 15th: Send us a message at Save your spot today!

    Who: TechArk & friends
    What: Chips, dip, beer, and engaging discussion topics
    Where: 415 W York St in Norfolk
    When: March 15, at 6 pm
    Why: Since when do we need a reason to want to see our friends?

    The topic of discussion for March is Digital Storytelling: Content + Design. Learn how digital storytelling can help you strengthen audience relationships with your brand, convert customers, and influence customer perceptions.

    We’ll hear from TechArk’s Content Specialist and Team Lead for Graphic Design, then open the floor for discussion. Our digital experts will share their advice and expertise, and attendees will have the opportunity to share their experience, ask questions, and shape the conversation.

    We love the Hampton Roads community which has supported and grown our business for six wonderful years. Along with our compliment generating app, these events are another way TechArk strives to give back to our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and even competitors.

    All are welcome.

    Wondering where to park for the Guac & Talk?

    Our HQ, visible from Brambleton Avenue in downtown Norfolk, is steps from the Freemason Tide stop. Our neighborhood offers two-hour street parking both in our front yard of W. York St, as well as side streets including Botetourt, W. Bute, and W. Freemason Street.

    RSVP, por favor

    You’re invited to a fiesta of flavor and knowledge. Vamanos a TechArk! Viva la TechArk!

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