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Better Communication with Slack

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Ever wonder what our ingredients to success are, or rather, what’s in our secret sauce? In our new #TechArkSecretSauce series, we’re going to give you a glimpse of the tools in our arsenal that we use manage a better working environment. Our team’s toolbox is filled with a variety of different instruments that help us promote productivity, but this week we’ll focus on the most crucial aspect of any successful team—communication.

Our team is constantly collaborating on a number of different projects, and as with any team effort, communication is key. We require a medium that keeps us in constant contact with one another, all while fostering team collaboration and organization.

Slack does just that. Boasting itself as the productivity app for “team communication for the 21st century,” Slack keeps us talking. Here’s what our team members are saying:

Better than email. Slack improves communication on our team collaborations in a way that supersedes email. Our conversations are organized by different topics, or “channels,” where we can easily share files and comment on our progress. Account Manager Katie Redford says Slack gives way to, “Instant communication, team or individual feedback, shareable files, links and downloads, team cohesiveness, and most importantly shared laughs.”

Multi-device syncing. Web & Marketing Specialist Joel Tucay says, “I love how it’s available on my phone, so even when I’m not at my desk, I can get messages on updates for all our projects.” Compatible with both iOS and Android, Slack allows us to communicate across a number of different platforms. We can easily go from computer to phone and never lose our place in the conversation. The notification feature gives us instantaneous updates, and we can even integrate other apps such as Twitter into our conversations.

User-friendly features. Using Slack is as easy as using a chat room. Slack also archives past conversations in a way that locating a desired topic is as simple a typing it in the search bar. UI/UX Team Lead Thy Mohan says, “For someone who finds it hard to handle multi-tasking between daily tasks and managing teams, Slack gives me the ease of a chat room while functioning like a team/project management application. It saves me a lot of time and makes things so much easier.”

Accountability. Finally, successfully working together as a team means understanding where your team members are and what they need to move forward. UI/UX Specialist Michael Joyner says, “When I need to make comments on a project or create a task request, specifically to a responsible team member, I can tag them in the comment while keeping the entire team informed of the progress. This alleviates the question of ‘Where are we on this project?’ It is transparency at its best.”

Now that we’ve shared the secret tool behind our team’s successful communication, stay tuned for our next #TechArkSecretSauce reveal!

Photo Credit: Laco

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