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Augmented reality living room
Website Design + Development aug·men·ted re·al·i·ty noun: a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. The interesting thing about human nature is that the more we expand our minds, the more room there is to expand even further. The more we create, the more there is to create, and the more we discover, the more we are intrigued by the concept of new discoveries. Creativity is an unstoppable force that multiplies from generation to generation, and the idea of “the future” will always intrigue us. Discovery inspires discovery. Consider the discovery of fire. 1.7 Million years ago, a member of the Homo erectus species discovered something that would change humanity forever. Immediately, human behavior began to shift around that discovery. Activity was no longer restricted to daylight, and fire gave warmth and protection. The greatest result from the discovery of fire was the now available use of cooked foods for improved nutrition. Cooked plant foods triggered brain expansion by allowing complex carbohydrates to become more digestible and allowing for better absorption. Little did they know that one-day fire would contribute to some of the world’s most amazing art and jewelry, to the invention of the light bulb, and to the discovery of sterilization, which further revolutionized humanity. Nowadays, technology is that gateway to human expansion. The quality of products that now exist were but dreams just 50 years ago. Imagine what will exist 50 years from today. The multiplication of creativity is so intense, that the possibilities for technology are literally endless. Our brains can conceive of so many different combinations of complex technology that almost every idea can actually be manifested into the physical world. Many perceive technology and humanity to be two separate entities of existence, but if you truly think about it, the advancement of technology has been destined for man from the beginning of time. At what point does technology lose a human influence? One concept that has been dreamt of by man for hundreds of years is finally becoming a reality - augmented reality to be exact. Augmented Reality (AR) allows a digital image to be seen from a 3-dimensional perspective, further blurring the lines between technology and humanity. While the products have not been mastered and integrated quite yet, they are definitely beginning to integrate into our existence. Imagine the new discoveries that will be created in the next few decades. Apple initially introduced us to the App Store, and created unlimited opportunities for humanity. Imagine the same concept on an Augmented Reality platform? Imagine what the perfection of this technology will do for the medical industry. Imagine what it could do for architecture. What will it do for the mobilization of socializing or productivity? Augmented Reality will change humanity forever. The possibilities are endless. Augmented Reality is the new fire. That may be an exaggeration, but it also may not be. Only our future human species will be able to answer that, 1.7 Millions years from now. Here’s a video we came across from castAR. Share Your 3D World As It Springs to Life. Get ready for the next monumental discovery of man.
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