Advantages Of Single Page Websites

Mar 31, 2014

Single Page Applications (SPA) also known as Single Page Interface (SPI) is a website or a web application that fits on a single page. The main purpose of these websites is to provide more fluid user experience which is similar to desktop application.

Single Page Websites fits on one page and have all the necessary contents on the same page. Instead of seeing numerous pages, you will only see a single page. It is unique and would amaze users who are seeing it for the first time.
Single Page Websites are gaining popularity because these type of sites really works. They are usually used for portfolios, product promotion, brief announcements, etc which do not have much content.

Lets take a look at some advantages/benefits of Single Page Websites:

1)Better User Experience: Your users will surely have a good work experience if you have a single page website because there will be no much pages to navigate. They will have an easy access to the information and they will not have any problem on how they can get into a relevant topic of your site. Your users will surely have a great browsing time.

2)Easy to inform: You need to make good use of the available space by using words that are direct and specific. This will make it easier for your user to get your point and the information you are trying to convey them.

3)Navigation is easy: The main advantage of single page websites is easy navigation. Since there is only one page, your users will not get lost so you don’t need to worry about the navigation. Most probably you won’t need a navigation bar or if you want you can keep one navigation bar.

4)Focus is on Quality: The main focus of Single Page Websites is that it focuses on quality and not quantity. You can simply focus on your website without thinking about the other page s of the site. You will have a better website with good quality and better results.

5)Chances for better ranking on Google: Since there is only single page, there are more chances for increased Google ranking. This means that the ranking will be applied to the whole site because there is a single page which can lead to higher traffic.

Single Page Websites has many advantages but not all would opt for this kind of site as it depends on the type of websites one has. If your site content is going to be minimal then single page website is the right choice for you.

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