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Typography an Important aspect in mobile app design

Typography is an important factor in designing a mobile application. Typography is the backbone of mobile app design. Good typography will make your app look appealing, easy to read and great user experience. What makes mobile typography special is the restrictive nature of the mobile screens which are small and used in brightly lit areas.... Read more »

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Our Grand Opening, Re-imagined!

TechArk’s Grand Opening was October 14th and it has been a long time coming. Construction at the Norfolk location finished in September; the furniture came in, the branding commenced, the dream came to fruition. Accompanying this milestone was a palpable excitement from the entire team, the physical manifestation of our efforts exceeding what we imagined.... Read more »

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Five Tips to Make your Website Convert More Visitors

Nowadays a site that just looks good and draws audience isn’t enough. If you are missing even a single important element for an effective website, then you are missing out on conversions. Here are 5 tips to make your website convert more visitors. 1)Simple works best: Keep your website clean and focused. Emphasize the information... Read more »

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