A Taste of TechArk

You're invited!

TechArk loves to get involved in community improvement endeavors, and with a highly diverse team, we love it even better when we can share our culture with others. That’s why we’re helping to sponsor Taste of India, a free community events celebrating Indian culture. We hope to see you there!

Our founder & CEO hails from the beautiful country of India as do several of our employees, although we’re based out of Norfolk, VA. How could we pass up such a perfect opportunity which unites our two homelands in one amazing event?

Admission and parking are totally free. Come join TechArk at one of the largest annual Asian Indian festivals in Virginia. We’ll enjoy live entertainment, traditional Indian food (no hot sauce needed), shopping for cultural wares you won’t find anywhere else, and so much more!

Held each year at the Ted Constant Center, this event is a wonderful culmination of countless hours of work by Hampton Roads residents who trace their heritage back to India. Their generosity in opening up their culture and sharing their traditions is a wonderful thing, and it is truly incredible to see.

An explosion of color, flavors, and culture, Taste of India must be seen to be believed! We invite you to join us at the Ted in Norfolk this April 21st, from 11 am to 9 pm, to witness something spectacular.

We’ll see you there!

Join TechArk for the annual Taste of India festival and help us celebrate the beauty of diversity.

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