5 reasons why apps are uninstalled by the users


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Simple ways to achieve user-centered website

If you are designing a site and your main focus will be solely on fancy features and business objectives, then you are making a huge mistake because you are neglecting the user. A user-centered web design can be defined as the objective of designing to increase the usefulness as well as usability of websites. Here... Read more »

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How many iOS versions should my app support?

Apple fans eagerly wait for the next iOS version to be released. iOS 7 broke through with innovative design and technology. But now, app owners are wondering how many iOS versions their app should support. If you, too, are asking the same question, it is important to know that Apple has successfully filled confidence in... Read more »

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Tech Ark Solutions

The 12 Days of Tech(Ark)

[Day #1 Re-Imagined Website] This new year RE-IMAGINE your website! TechArk is a digital creative agency with a strong foundation in website design, mobile app development, online marketing and superior client service.” Start 2017 with an internal audit of your business and brainstorm innovative ideas you’d like to implement. After you’ve thought about your goals,... Read more »

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