5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Designing Your Website

Dec 03, 2014

Whether designing a new website or revamping your existing one, there are many factors and questions you should consider asking your web designer or if you are creating it yourself. Below are five questions you should have in mind when starting this process:

1.What is the purpose of the website?
THE first question you should be answering for yourself! Are you a business looking to promote your new e-commerce site? Or are you looking to expand your brand recognition and awareness with a modernized look? The website design process begins by defining the purpose of your website and helps lay out what you are looking to leverage with this medium.

2.Who is my targeted audience?
While designing your website, you should also think about who your targeted users are going to be. The content, design and pages of your website depend on the type of audience and also help to guide them to the information you want them to be looking for. Once you know who your targeted audience is, you would be able to create the right kind of website that appeals to your potential visitors.

3.What should be listed on the navigation menu?
A cornerstone piece of your website that helps visitors easily find what information they are looking for. Your website navigation menu should be simple and easy to understand so that with a few clicks, your visitors can find their desired page.

4.What would be the style of the website?
The overall style of the website plays a major role in the success of your website. A visitor’s first impression could be their lasting impression if not thought out and developed correctly. Using the right colors, fonts and a modernized look when compared with any potential competitors should help your website have both its own unique style and differentiate yourself from the crowded landscape of today’s internet.

5.Who would be developing your website?
If you do not have technical knowledge of developing a website, you should look for expert and experienced web development agencies to deliver the best solutions. Searching out local companies could help you save a buck or two but if you are looking for a robust website to wow your customers, going with a proven

These 5 basic questions should help you the find answers you need when first designing your website. Planning well and making the right decisions sets you up for a successful website launch!

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