5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your WordPress Website

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5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Wordpress Website

You’ve spent valuable time and energy creating an amazing Wordpress website for your business, of course you want it to perform as well as possible. While there are a few things that can go wrong that you didn’t originally plan for, there are also some things you can anticipate and prevent. Let’s discuss some of these in further detail.

Too Many or Bad Plugins

With an endless amount of plugins, they allow your website to do almost anything. While many of these plugins can be extremely useful, some may be unreliable, with excessive updates and incompatible extensions and others are made purposely to be malicious. Before installing plugins into your Wordpress it is best to ask a few important questions such as is the plugin legitimate, when was the last time the plugin was updated, does it have any positive reviews and is it compatible with your Wordpress version?

Publishing Incomplete Pages

Obviously, you want your business’s website to look professional. Publishing any pages that are not complete or are “under construction” not only makes your website look unprofessional, it also can hurt your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking causing your website to receive less traffic. When your business’s website is not complete it can leave your potential customers with a bad impression and they will only come back to check for so long before they move on to your competitors. The best thing your business can do is to wait to publish your website until it is complete.

Not Backing Up Your Website

It is possible that when you are updating your website that something can go wrong and break your site. If that happens to you, don’t panic. As long as you’ve backed up your website, you should have no problem reverting back to a version saved before making the update. But if you don’t back up your website often, or not at all, this can be a real pain. Backing up your website is an easy way to ensure your website can be fixed easily if necessary and can help you save time in the long run.

Assuming Your Website is Secure

It might be easy to think your website is automatically secure when using a content management system (CMS) like Wordpress or if your website hosting provider boasts how secure they are. Security is something that can be easily taken for granted especially if to your knowledge your website is working properly and not being hacked. And unfortunately it is usually the case that when there is an issue with website security the solution is usually reactive instead of proactive. The best way to avoid any issues with your website being secure is to not assume your website is secure from the get-go. It is also best to use strong passwords, and utilize security plug-ins as an extra precaution.

Not Updating Wordpress

Keeping your Wordpress website updated is crucial. When your business’s website does not utilize the most updated system it can get hacked more easily and it can become more difficult to take advantage of the newest Wordpress features that require the latest update to operate. Before updating, it is important to double check that the plugins used on your website are compatible with the new version of Wordpress.

Wordpress is a great tool for businesses of all sizes who need help creating an online presence. While Wordpress has many advantages, there are many mistakes that can be made accidentally that can hurt your business’s website. One way to avoid these mistakes and ensure your website is performing optimally is to work with a team of experienced developers and digital marketers who specialize in Wordpress. TechArk Solutions, headquartered in Norfolk VA, has helped countless businesses in the Hampton Roads area reimagine their online presences with the help of Wordpress. If your business needs help managing your Wordpress website, contact TechArk today!

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