5 deadly errors that could hurt your Mobile SEO

Dec 20, 2013

Google has announced some changes in mobile rankings that can affect some non-responsive websites in the future. According to Google, it is important to deliver relevant content. The content your website delivers should satisfy the search results for the users. Here are 5 deadly errors that can hurt your mobile search engine optimization:

1. Faulty redirects:
Many websites apply user redirection to pages to send the users to the wrong URL like home page. User experience can be poor if your website does not convey the right page. It is a good idea to redirect to the desktop page rather than an inappropriate page.

2. Smartphone errors:
The 404 page errors are the worst thing and hence, while designing the website, you should make it smartphone friendly. You should take care of all the Google’s recommendations for optimizing the mobile experience.

3. Unplayable videos:
Some videos cannot be played on smartphones. You can have standard HTML5 tags for the videos if you want to reach a larger audience.

4. Slow loading pages:
Most of the mobile users do not wish to wait for more than 2 seconds to access your website. Hence, if your website pages load slowly, there are chances that you may lose the potential customers. It is important to check the speed of the pages of your website.

5. Irrelevant cross linking:
Bad linking is not the right option as it can get you in SEO trouble. As Google crawls the links, it might catch you if you use irrelevant cross linking.

To be clear, Google would not penalize you for not using responsive web design, but there are chances that your website would not rank higher in Google and other search engines. If you want to increase the profits, you should go for a responsive website.

Techark Solutions has huge expertise in designing responsive websites. You can get in touch with us if you want to design a responsive website from the scratch or want to convert an existing website to a responsive site.

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