4 Signs it’s Time for a Website Renovation

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Doctors typically advise that you do not self-diagnose online because you may misdiagnose yourself, resulting in more stress than you began with. However, when diagnosing your website’s functionality, we at TechArk advise you to perform a self-checkup. If you feel your website is ineffective, outdated, or could just be performing better, here are our four points of evaluation to shed light on the prognosis of your online presence.

Is the website Mobile friendly?

In today's day and age almost 50 percent of traffic is coming from mobile phones with that percentage increasing every day. One definitely wants their website to be able to viewed properly on a smartphone and interestingly enough, there are ‘m.’ sites, which essentially is a “second” website designed to be specifically viewed on a mobile device. While a solution of sorts, this is an outdated method to become mobile friendly as this does mean you would be splitting your website traffic between two different websites (a marketing team’s worst nightmare). A good way to tell if your website is mobile friendly is to take your browser and size down the actual window. If the browser doesn’t come down to size, and the page becomes very cut off, the website is not mobile friendly.

Is Flash media on your site?

Flash media is an old way of hosting images and is being phased out due to its incompatibility with modern web technology. Flash media is a very “old school” way of creating both animations and graphics and coincidently also does hurt the mobile responsiveness of your website itself (not to mention how frustrating it could be for user's browsing your Flash content and seeing a message that says not available on mobile device).

How is your Image quality?

When you evaluate the images on your website consider the following:

    1. Clarity
    2. Definition
    3. Transitions
    4. Load time
    5. Image size
    6. Image placement

If your images are unclear, low-definition, slow to load, loading in the wrong place, and improperly sized, your website needs updates to exude quality.

What platform is your website built on?

Older websites sites were typically built from the ground up with HTML coding playing a big part in how a website’s structure was defined. Today, websites typically feature a content management system that allows consistent, high-quality websites along with easy to use intuitive editing tools to update a website’s content quickly and easily. Some content management systems, such as Joomla or Drupal, can be more arduous than current systems due to their complexibility; WordPress is the most popular platform used as it features a simple, functional and user friendly interface for both users and developers to navigate.

If your website meets any of these criteria you should look into a website renovation -- let us know how we can help.


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