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4 key metrics for your mobile apps success

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Building an app was never easy and nowadays even spending currency in advertising does not seem to make much difference any more. Although reaching some amount of customers is not that difficult, and to keep them engaged into your app is a real daily challenge.

To make things easier, we have listed down some metrics to track from the moment your mobile app enters the app store:

1) Downloads:
Downloads alone can’t determine if an app is a winner, but they still play a role in measuring its success. Most developers don’t go deep and miss out to track important additional metrics such as: geographic distribution as well as the ratio between the number of new downloads and the number of updates of previous app version.

2) Push Notifications Subscribers:
Once the initial heat wears off, you will found yourself in a situation where you will see that most of your initial users never open your app again. That’s when Push Notifications will become your apps best friend. Subscription rate goes about 35-40% so aim for that. One can always improve that rate by slipping in sweepstakes for the late users who choose to switch on the apps notification system.

3) Specific Goals:
Most developers have a certain vision of how each user will use their app. When tracking specific goals, keep a watch at the steps or events that you want your users to accomplish and look at the percentage of people that are completing those actions.

4) Retention:
The main aim of creating an app is to have a good amount of fan base. But that is not enough, you also want that your users are using your app. One way to do this is by updates. Every app goes through an evolution from its launch to a number of release versions, which may have feature and bug enhancements. These updates usually occurs after research or feedback. So, one needs to make sure that he listens to his users especially the ones who will install an update for a good user experience.

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