4 Healthcare IT Upgrades Every Medical Practice Should Make

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Keeping your healthcare practice up-to-date is one of your most important considerations – when it comes to patient care. But is your office technology equally on the mark? Many healthcare practices use surprisingly old-fashioned methods for storing patient data, setting appointments, and handling bill payment. If you want your front office to be as forward-thinking as the rest of your practice, it’s time to reevaluate how you use healthcare IT innovations to streamline the check-in process, make payment easier, and provide a better experience for your patients. Here are just a few IT upgrades that TechArk Solutions could help you implement:

1. Electronic bill pay. Many people do their banking online, pay credit cards online, and never buy stamps…until your paper bill arrives by snail mail. Offering an electronic option can speed up the process for patients, and you may also notice that payments arrive in a timelier manner. An electronic bill pay system also helps your office staff stay organized, since it’s easy to keep track of who paid yet and who didn’t. If you’re not using this technology yet, consider replacing your outdated processes with a digital solution.

2. A patient medical history app. According to healthcare-informatics.com, nearly half of medical professionals plan to introduce apps to their practice in the next year. Asking customers to input their medical information using an app does more than save paper and administrative hours. Healthcare professionals could benefit from more accurate patient information and the ability to work with the data more easily. A custom-designed app could allow you to tailor your patients’ experience and make filling out those endless healthcare questions much less of a chore.

3. Online appointment setting. Busy patients on the go may prefer to set appointments from their home computers or mobile devices, rather than calling your office directly. Now that online services such as ZocDoc make online appointment-booking a breeze, you may wish to consider implementing this technology on your website. A web application could allow patients to choose an available appointment time and even fill out some preliminary information. It’s a great way to give patients the convenience they are looking for!

4. A mobile-friendly website. While not specifically a healthcare IT innovation, every medical practice should make sure to have a mobile-friendly, responsive website. These days, busy patients may search for healthcare services on the go, making it all the more important to have a website optimized for mobile. If it’s been a while since your practice updated its website, give TechArk a call. We can redesign your site so it appeals to patients whether they’re visiting you on a large monitor or a tiny smartphone screen.

The bottom line: the attention to detail you dedicate to your patient care practices should extend to the healthcare IT solutions you use throughout the office. Patients will appreciate your efforts to upgrade their experience through a custom app, online billpay, or other time-saving technology tools. Want to brainstorm additional ways to bring your healthcare practice up to speed? Contact TechArk to discuss the best solution for you.

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