3 Reasons You Should Partner With a Full-Service Marketing Agency

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Chances are at one point or another you’ve needed help improving your online marketing results. Maybe you have struggled to rank higher on search engines and reached out to an SEO specialist. Or maybe your website was due for a refresh so you contacted a company that specializes in web design.

The pattern here is that each time you needed help generating results you reached out to multiple vendors. This can be a bigger detriment to your success than you may realize.

These are three reasons you should consider partnering with a full-service website design and online marketing agency, rather than relying on multiple agencies to manage different aspects of your online presence. 


  1. Saves you time and produces better results.
  2. Full-service agencies have a better understanding of what is required to be successful online.
  3. You have access to an entire team of experts with a diverse set of skills to help your business.



Saves you time and produces better results

Partnering with a full-service agency saves time and ensures that your entire online presence is optimized with your overall business goals in mind. 


Working with multiple vendors wastes a tremendous amount of time. This forces you to explain your company’s strategy, goals, target audience, etc., repeatedly. You also need to double-check all your vendor's work to ensure it aligns with your vision. You also have to update all of them regarding specials, pricing, new service lines, etc.


As you can see a lot of time and hassle will go into making sure that everything is aligned. This takes your time away from your clients and business. By partnering with a full-service agency, like TechArk for example, you have a single point of contact who can manage your website, your SEO, your Google Ads, and much more. 



Better Understanding Equals More Online Success

The second reason to choose a full-service marketing agency is that we know what it takes to be successful online. 


For example, at TechArk we are often contacted by companies who have just developed a beautiful new website. The vendor that built the site specializes in website design and development. We are then asked to optimize the new site to improve its SEO. In taking a deeper look into these sites, we find that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was never considered during development.


Essentially, the beautiful new website will never rank well since SEO was not a factor in the initial project. An SEO specialist then has to edit very fundamental elements of the site in order for it to rank well. If the company had partnered with a full-service agency from the beginning, everything would have been done at the same time. This would have saved time and the website would have attracted visitors much quicker.



Access to An Entire Team Of Experts

When you choose to work with a full-service marketing agency you have access large team who will work to make your business successfully online. For example, TechArk has over 100 specialists in their fields. Our team includes developers, designers, SEO specialists, Google Ad specialists, videographers and copywriters, and much more. 


By working with a full-service company like us, you have access to an entire team, rather than being limited to somebody who specializes in website design or SEO for example.


You may have a website design partner that can create a beautiful website, but you also need engaging words on the website for your site to be effective. If your design agency doesn’t have a copywriter, you will have to find one yourself. Whereas if you partner with a full-service agency you have multiple skillsets, like copywriting, at your disposal saving you time, money, and increasing efficiency. 



Bottom Line

Full-service marketing agencies provide you with peace of mind and a more holistic approach to managing your online marketing efforts. If you currently have multiple vendors managing your online campaigns and are struggling to see results, consider working with a full-service agency like TechArk. 


Have questions about why your online marketing is not successful? Or why your website is not performing the way you like? We’d be more than happy to speak with you and let you know what we can do to help your business be more successful.

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