At TechArk we are digital explorers. Technology is the ship in which we travel, navigating the waters of the digital domain, as well as the precious cargo we deliver. As critical thinkers and problem solvers, development is the wind in our sails. There are no borders to what we can discover and create, and no limits to what we can do for you. We aim high to meet your standards and get you results.

We are TechArk. Welcome aboard.

Our Team

Pratik Kothari
Founder & CEO
Pratik is a rare breed of intelligent, hardworking, and humble. Willing to put in the required time and effort, smart enough to have earned a master's degree in computer science with a 4.0, and kind enough to reach out and help others who may be down on their luck, Pratik is successful precisely because of these characteristics.
Joel Tucay
Website Team Lead
The office comedian and man with the plan, Joel is a rockstar when it comes to understanding the needs of clients and delivering on-brand results. With a storied past and diverse experience in customer service, marketing, administration, project management, and web development, Joel knows the secrets to a successful partnership.
Jessica Favaron
Digital Marketing Project Manager
The calm center of the whirlwind of marketing taking place at TechArk, Jessica makes sure that we’re equipped, informed, and prepared to tackle new projects. Her soothing presence and eagle-eye view of what’s happening around the office make Jessica a safe port in the ever-changing seas of digital marketing.
Darnley Archer
Project Management Team Lead
Darnley is the one to go to when you need answers. With a solid background in software engineering, entrepreneurship, and computer science, Darnley knows exactly what is required, how to obtain it, and what to do with it. He’s also the one who keeps us all on task, on track, and on time.
Wendy Maness
Office Manager
Wendy is truly adept at wearing multiple hats, and she isn’t afraid to meet a challenge head-on. If she doesn’t know how to do something, she will learn. This flexibility has served her well as an artist, accountant, designer, marketer, and manager. A keen eye for photography and design has propelled her career in advertising, and she has experience managing projects both large and small.
Michael Joyner
Design Team Lead
An ambitious designer, Michael comes from a military background and is a graduate of the Art Institute of Virginia Beach. A continuing scholar and a multi-tasker extraordinaire, Michael balances the work + school + family life like a champ. When it comes to translating your ideas into tangible designs, there’s nobody more capable.
Minh Nguyen
Art Director
A champion of graphic design and a warrior of web development, Minh is a rare combination Designer/Developer. His eye for beauty, knack for curating an aesthetic, and technical skill at programming are paralleled only by his intense focus, drive, and motivation. With Minh fighting in your corner, the competition doesn’t stand a chance.
Naresh Sreevatsan
Marketing Coordinator
Observant, analytical, and sharper than the flavor of the spicy foods he loves, Naresh is a budding SEO wizard. With his laser-like attention to detail, knack for spotting trends, and exceptional memory, his goal is always to help improve the user’s digital experience and get conversions for his client.
Brandon Pearce
Graphic Designer
Stylish and detail-oriented, Brandon is a designer of few words but lots of imagery. His graphic design and branding game is strong, matched only by his on-trend shoe game. You can find him at our office, jamming out with his headphones on while he cranks out logo work to create awareness, display ads to inspire conversions, and UX designs to guide users from A to B.
Mandi Fornes
Project Manager
Enthusiastic, prompt, and hard-working, a project managed by Mandi is sure to be smooth-sailing. Her eagerness to please clients, stakeholders, and teammates is palpable, and she gets results. With substantial experience in marketing, sales, and project management, she’s our go-to PM.

Our Passion



Our thirst for knowledge is in our DNA. It is the largest unifying factor, the single driving force which brings us all together and keeps us coming back for more.

We will never stop exploring and we will always strive for improvement, because to stop growing is to stifle efficiency.



Every year we challenge ourselves to give back to the community that has been so generous to us. We prefer to use our superpowers for good, which is why we donate technologically to the digitally-deprived.

By taking on a non-profit project each year we do a lot of good, make some new friends, and remain active and engaged in the community.



We recognize potential when we see it, and then we do everything in our power to help it flourish. Our passion for paying it forward stems from our gratitude & desire to repay those who helped us grow. It’s why we fund students at local colleges and universities, and why we’re not afraid to take chances by hiring the young, the eager, the green.

Because if nobody ever gives you the chance, how can you change the world?

Awards & Accolades

Tech Entrepreneur

The Tech Expo with Tech Night Awards are an important part of the growth of Hampton Roads, and we are thrilled to be a part of it. Congrats Pratik!

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Retailer of the Year

Pratik did it again! We’re so honored to be crowned this year’s Retailer of the Year in the Services category (on the south side).

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IdeaMensch Interview

Catch our CEO, founder, and public speaker extraordinaire opening up in IdeaMensch’s Interview with an Entrepreneur series.

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Towne Today

Our friends at TowneBank featured TechArk in their fall newsletter! Scroll to page 8 to find our CEO & Founder, Pratik.

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Inside Business

The applications of our advanced beacon guided virtual tours are endless! Check out this article featuring our Founder/CEO & his son.

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Retail Alliance E-Commerce Panel

Our Founder & CEO as was proud to be a subject matter expert  at the Retail Alliance E-Commerce panel.

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TowneBank Sponsorship

TechArk was thrilled to sponsor the annual TowneBank Fall Extravaganza. This year we manned the techtent and raffle!

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WHRO's Inside Scoop

Show name: Inside Scoop
Airing on: WHRO
Air date: Oct 23, 2017
Host: Cheryl Tan

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Millennials on the Move

That rare breed of intelligent, hardworking, and humble; as far as leaders go, Hampton Roads could use more like Pratik Kothari.

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Founder's Institute Mentorship

Date: 8/23/17
Time: 630pm – 9pm
Location: 1701 Baltic Ave
Speaker: Pratik Kothari

Inside Business - TechArk's New Digs

We made our big move to Norfolk in September 2016. We’re looking forward to many happy years on Brambleton Ave!

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2016 Entrepreneurial Excellence

TechArk and founder Pratik were honored to be selected as the winner of the 2016 Entrepreneurial Excellence Award!

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Graphics Design Web Design

TechArk was extremely honored to be chosen as the 2016 American Web Design Awards winner in UX/UI by GD USA.

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